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Traffic fines

Fines in Montenegro have a range. In ordinary cases, a minimum penalty is awarded. However, with aggravating circumstances, the fine may increase. Such circumstances may include a negative or evocative communication with the police officer, repeated violations, gross violations, etc.
30 - 80 euros
speeding up to 10 km / h from the existing restrictions on the road outside the village,
Do not use dipped headlights during daytime driving,
40 - 100 euros
speeding up to 10 km / h in the village and at 10-30 km / h outside the village,
Do not use seat belts where specified by the manufacturer (including passengers),
transportation of children under 5 years without the use of a child seat,
Do not use the turn signals at the intended time.
60 - 150 euros

speeding by 10-20 km / h in the village and at 30-40 km / h outside the village,
use of the phone while driving,
transportation in the front seat of children under 12 years without a child seat and people in a state of intoxication. All children under 5 years of age must be transported in a vehicle only in a child seat. In the front seat in a child seat, you can transport a child up to 3 years old.
the reversal in the wrong place,
riding a moped or a motorcycle without a helmet (driver and passenger),
the passage of the street in the wrong place or on the prohibiting signal of a pedestrian traffic light,
lack of technical passport or license plates (if there is a valid registration of the vehicle).
Do not use winter equipment in winter (from November 15 to March 30 of each year). If at this point on the road there is snow or ice, then a fine of 80 to 300 euros is imposed.
Winter equipment: the winter tires with M + S marking and snowflake must be mounted on the driving wheels, the vehicle must have a set of snow chains of the appropriate size, the depth of the tread on all wheels must be at least 4 mm.
70 - 200 euros

speeding by 20-30 km / h in the village and at 40-50 km / h outside the village,
the alcohol content in the blood is from 0.3 to 0.5 ppm. In Montenegro, the alcohol content in the driver's blood is allowed to not exceed 0.3 ppm.
movement on the territory not provided for the movement of vehicles (lawn, pavement, etc.),
movement on a one-way road in the forbidden direction,
parking in the wrong place (including violations of the rules of paid parking).
80 - 300 euros

transportation of more passengers than indicated in the technical passport of the vehicle,
Do not use winter equipment in the winter (from November 15 to March 30) when driving on snow or ice.
100 - 450 euros

speeding at 30-50 km / h in the village and at 50-70 km / h outside the village,
most violations of traffic rules in overtaking,
Do not let a pedestrian pass at a pedestrian crossing (including a pedestrian with an intention to enter a pedestrian crossing),
Passage to the traffic light: red and yellow. The yellow traffic light signal can be passed only to avoid the application of emergency braking and creating an emergency situation.
violation of traffic priority rules,
management of an unregistered vehicle or means whose registration is overdue.
150 - 1 000 euros

speeding at 50-70 km / h in the village and at 70-90 km / h outside the village,
use (including finding in the car, selling and even advertising) radar and other means to detect or disrupt the operation of devices to fix speed and other traffic violations.
movement on the opposite lane in the wrong place,
creation of a threat to the safety of traffic of other vehicles in overtaking or detour,
the driver does not have a valid Montenegrin driving license or a foreign and international driving license (see the comment above)
continuation of the movement when the police officer requests to stop.
300 - 2 000 euros or imprisonment for up to 60 days.

exceeding the speed by more than 70 km / h in the village and more than 90 km / h outside the village.
blood alcohol content 0.5 or more ppm

refusal to measure alcohol or other intoxicating substances in the blood with the help of alcohol test or medical analysis.