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Attractions Montenegro.

Attractions Montenegro.

Kotor Bay.
The huge fjord of the Mediterranean unceremoniously cuts into the land as much as 28 kilometers, creating a cozy cradle for coastal towns and villages, eagerly greeting tourists with picturesque embankments and houses in medieval style. Over the bay stately rises the mountain Lovcen, to which you can reach only by car on a breathtaking serpentine.

The namesake of the bay, the town of Kotor can boast a wide range of tourist attractions: here are the cathedrals of both Romanesque and Gothic architecture, namely the Cathedral of Saint Trypoon, the Church of St. Luke, St. Anna, St. Mary, St. Michael, Health and St. Nicholas, and fortress walls , and powerful towers, and ancient mansions, and princely palaces of Drago, Bizanti, Pima, Gruboniya, Gergurin with preserved surroundings.

In general, walks around the resort promise to be entertaining.

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